Why does hair turn grey?

Grey hair is something every individual will eventually face with. It’s usually in thirties, with a couple of hairs that went grey. However, as an individual grows older, the number of grey hairs will increase, and at some point, greys may cover the entire scalp. Studies have shown that women have less grey hair then men. Also, African and Asians have less white hair than others. One of the most interesting and intriguing questions for many is why does the hair turn grey.

Why we lose hair color?

For decades, scientists have been investigating, and they still do, why we lose the hair color, and why it turns grey in certain point. Hair is actually white, and thanks to melanin, a type of pigment, the hair gets its color. Melanin is created from melanocytes, pigment cells. The formation of this pigment starts before birth. The hair color will depend on the amount of the pigment, its type and distribution in the mid layer of cortex. There are two types of the pigments: phaeomelanin – light, and eumelanin – dark. When these two types blend, they create many different hair colors.

When the hair forms, melanin will be injected by the melanocytes into the cells, which contain keratin. That process will continue through the years. In certain age, hair turns grey, due to reduction of melanin. Experts and scientist explain that as we get older, melanocyte activity slows down, or completely stops. For that reason, hair won’t receive more pigment, and it will turn grey. With the fact every individual is different, periods in which someone’s hair will go grey, is also different.

Other factors that have the impact on the hair pigmentation

While the main reason why the hair turns grey in certain age is actually a reduction of melanin, there are some other factors as well. Scientist divided those factors into two groups of internal and external ones:

  • Internal factors are hormones, body distribution, genetic defects, and age.
  • External factors are toxins, exposure to chemicals, toxins, and climate.

What are the reasons of premature greying of the hair?

When it comes to white people, then may notice first grey hairs in mid-thirties. Asians will notice their first grey hairs usually in the late thirties and African-Americans in the mid-forties. That is the usual pattern. However, if a person’s hair turns grey before the usual periods that person will be considered as a prematurely grey. The usual reason of premature greying is hydrogen peroxide that will be produced by the hair follicles. Hydrogen peroxide may change the color of the hair, but it may also cause its loss. Scientists agree that genes play a very huge role for premature greying.

Are there some other causes of greying?

One of the popular beliefs is that stress may lead to grey hair, but that’s actually not true. Scientists discovered that a deficiency of vitamin B 12 may cause the premature greying. Some researchers have suggested there is a link between lower bone density, and greying that occurs prematurely. However, a study in which more than a thousand women and men participated didn’t now show such a connection.

Grey hair and self-confidence

Many studies have shown that women hardly accept the hair loss, much harder than men. Due to hair thinning ladies discovered solutions such as weave front lace wigs, and other methods, including hair extension. Hair extension may cover the problem, because the extensions made from virgin human remi hair looks and feels natural, because after all, it is human hair. The hair is gathered from various donors such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malayan and others, and every woman can easily find the extension that suits perfectly. There are different textures such as yaki unprocessed hair, for instance, suitable for those with relaxed hair. All these solutions help women all around the globe to deal with the problem.  When it comes to hair going grey, dying the hair is the first solution. However, after some period of time, the hair should be dyed more often, and to cover their greys, ladies also turn to hair extensions, or wigs.

There are also many women who completely accept the fact they hair turned grey, which does not affect their self-confidence. Some of them are very satisfied with their new color, because it suits them perfectly.

Grey hair is something that happens naturally, and if you feel that it affects your self-esteem, and if you don’t feel good about it, there are several ways in which you can cover them.