a: Terminology

  1. Human hair: this is natural human hair, 100%. Such a weave is styled and cared for just like the normal human hair.
  2. Synthetic hair: this is hair that is manufactured and it differs with companies. Usually, they are made so as to be in consistence with the human hair.
  3. Head-band wig: this is a ½ cap or a ¾ cap wig that usually attaches with a soft or hard head band. You may choose to wear your bangs styled outside or slicked under the headband.
  4. Full wig: this is where ninety per cent of the cap is open so as to cover your head. In many cases when people say wig, this is what is on their minds. It is quite comfortable to wear.
  5. Cap: is the base and shape for fibre attachment.
  6. Skin top cap: this is a kind of cap that is created to have a coloured base so as to create an illusion of scalp. This is a great style when you want the scalp to be exposed.
  7. Memory cap: this is a cap which replaces the stretch lace which is most common with weaves today and it has thinner and even more resilient material that stretches and moulds to the head’s shape


b:Terms of Use

These are the terms and conditions which are a representation of the complete and final agreement of the parties involved and no others will be binding on our company unless they are in writing and approved and signed by an authorized person at the company.

  • ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS: all orders will be subject to written price verification by our personnel unless it is designated in writing for a specified period. Goods shipment without written price verification will not constitute acceptance of price in such an order.
  • SUBSTITUTION: we reserves right, and without any advance notification, to substitute a product as an alternative which is of like function, quality and kind. If the buyer doesn’t want substitution, he must declare it specifically that he doesn’t allow substitution.
  • PRICES: the quoted pries, with inclusion of charges for transportation are only valid for ten days, unless, there is designation as firm for a given duration pursuant to a quote in writing or a written sales acceptance that is verified and issued by an officer of our company. Such a designation can be revoked if the revocation is made in writing and then mailed to a buyer prior to the written acceptance of price being received by our company.
  • TRANSPORTATION: our company will be free to use its own judgement in determining the routing and carrier unless provided otherwise. In both cases, our company isn’t liable for excessive charges or delays.
  • PACKING: our company shall comply with minimum packing standards for the transportation mode selected unless provided otherwise. If the buyer requests special bracing, loading or packing, the buyer will pay for the same.
  • PAYMENT TERMS: we reserve rights to request for payments in advance if the buyer’s condition so warrants as our company determines
  • FORCE MAJEURE: our company will not be liable for a failure to perform obligations that result indirectly or directly from acts of God, acts of buyer, supplies, labour, components, transportation delays, riot, wars, fires civil or even military authority or any other kinds of circumstances that are beyond reasonable control. Where some quantities are affected ad others are not, the ones affected will be eliminated but without liability and the agreement stands unaffected.
  • LIABILITY: our company will not be liable, obligated or responsible for damage or injury that come as a result of use or application of products whether in combination with others or singularly. Our company will not be liable for any kinds of errors unless the buyer makes a claim within 7 days after the shipment is received and this has to include the original bill for transportation as signed by carrier where it is noted that the goods were in the condition that the buyer claims. If the claim is deemed to be valid, our company may fulfil their responsibility by shipping more to meet the deficits or will credit the buyer with the amount of such a deficiency.


  1. Copyright
  • All website design, graphics, text, arrangement and selection are copyrighted by Hairple.co.za. All rights reserved, or in case of any product material, graphics and text are copyright to original owner, all rights reserved.
  • Permission is given to copy or print a hardcopy of different website portions for the purpose of using such information as resource for making a purchase at the site.
  • Reproduction, distribution, modification and all other purposes that aren’t stated above without the permission of Hairple.co.za is prohibited.
  1. Disclaimer


In relation to the products that are produced by v third party suppliers, licensors and manufacturer, the separate third party warranty or guarantee for the product shall be applicable to liability limitation as stated below and as permitted by applicable laws.

  1. To the maximum legal permission, the aggregate liability for misrepresentation breach or contract or negligence will not exceed the defective, undelivered or damaged products cost with respect to occurrences. Even if the same is advised, we will not be liable for
  • Special, consequential, indirect, direct and punitive damages or
  • Inability to create product orders or a loss in savings, goodwill, data, contracts, profits, revenue and income.
  1. We will not be liable or held in breach of a contract for damage or loss suffered as an indirect or direct result of us being delayed, hindered or prevented in performance by reasons or circumstances that are way beyond reasonable controlling including, but still not limited to acts of God, power supply interruption, breakdown of machinery and plant, labour disturbance, lock out, strike, accident, storm, flood, fire, explosion, government action, civil commotion, riot or even war. In such circumstances, we can cancel the order or refund any payments that have been made.
  • The conditions cancel or supersede previous agreements, working arrangements and previous contrast, whether implied, express, written or oral.
  1. No forbearance, indulgence, delay or relaxation by us or you in the enforcement of the conditions or time granting by one party to the other shall restrict or prejudice such powers and rights.
  2. No waiver of the term or conditions will be effective unless it is in writing and we have signed it. Waiver of a breach of the condition shall be construed as waiver of subsequent condition or breach.
  3. If a court of a competent jurisdiction determines that a portion or provision of the conditions is invalid, unenforceable or illegal under the applicable law and/or in a given jurisdiction, the conditions shall not be affected in any other jurisdiction to an extent that the determination or the finding doesn’t have application.
  4. Stock availability

Our website is always being development and sometimes when you cannot find items, it is important that you sue the customer service so as to check for availability of the items that you require and the same will be communicated to you.

The prices are subject to trade relations and this may include excise, customs and any other interpretations as issued by different authorities.

Hairple reserves rights to make price amendments without an advance notice at any time and also the right to withdraw or add a product.

The purchases that are made via the site are taken as final and valid

Hairple warrants that products sold via the site are in the best order when being dispatched.

If the products on online store are temporarily unavailable, up to 14 days, Hairple will hold the order until Hairple has the product re-stocked and the product will be shipped to you. If such a product is permanently unavailable, then you will be given an alternative that is suitable and if not, a full refund will be given by Hairple.


  1. Shipping

Hairple will dispatch or deliver an order by use of the method that you selected when you placed the order at the site. It is your responsibility to make sure that all information is accurate because a misrepresentation may result in an undelivered order.

Group the items in good order. There is no way to group two distinct orders that are placed separately, and the delivery fees are applicable to both.

Weaves are first checked before being shipped out.

The delivery time may take up to 3 working days but this depends on the geographical location custom made orders may take a longer time and may be up to 35 days as the product has to be produced and then dispatched.


  1. Returns

If you want to return an item, it will only be acceptable if it is because of errors like:

-manufacture’s defects

-damage during transit if we transported the goods to you

-delivery is made but for the wrong product or item.

The items that are returned need to be complete with the original packaging intact and they should also be in a condition that is re-saleable. The credit will only be given when Hairple receives manufacturer’s credit.

All the damage and return claims have to be made within the seven days after a delivery is made.

  1. Payment terms

Payments can be made through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Payfast. For the purpose of security and privacy, these payment modes have been selected with you in mind. If you opt for debit card payment or master card or any other card, be advised to use PayPal payment. This is because PayPal accepts almost all cards that you may have. You don’t require having a PayPal account since you can make the payment directly on the papal website without the need of an account.

PayPal is the most convenient and safest method for payment and PayPal can be able to protect you from all sorts of fraud. If you have got any questions, you should visit www.paypal.com or contact us through the customer service option at the site.

  1. Termination clause

Sometimes you may need to cancel an order. In such a case, make the cancellation before 11.00AM. Any cancellations or changes made after this will attract a charge which is a percentage of the total. No cancellation fee for request to cancel or make changes of such a request is made before such an order is processed. If you place an order on Friday before 11.00AM, you will have to contact us before 11.00AM, that same day so as to change or cancel the order. If the order is placed after 11.00AM, then you can call by 11.00AM Saturday so as to make alterations or cancellation.

If an error is made and there is a need to cancel an order that has been authorized or has already been shipped, nothing can be done until the order is received by you. You will wait to receive the order and then you can follow the return policy so as to send it back before you can receive any refund. If the package has already been shipped out, there will be a handling fee and shipping charge that you will be required to pay. If the package that is delivered is refused by a customer and has to be sent back for whichever reason, the sipping cost will be deducted from the refund automatically.

Hairple works fast as the priority is to get the items to customers. A full refund will be made if the orders are cancelled in time. If the cancellation is made late, a restocking fee is applicable.

  1. Law and jurisdiction

The governing laws and jurisdiction: The performance, and construction validity of the stated conditions will be governed by the laws of republic of South Africa and all the parties will be required to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa exclusively if any legal proceedings will arise from any kind of dispute.