The information collected on the site is used solely to improve our contents and also to customize layout and content of the pages. The information is also used so as to keep customers updated about the website and also to contact clients as a marketing tool so as to educate them on available items and prices.

The security of the personal information submitted is highly valued. The delivery address, email address, contact numbers and your name won’t be shared with third parties.

Our server collects data that pertains to the site analytics. Every visitor’s information is gathered. This includes ip address, the duration of time that visitors spend on our site and also the pages that are accessed during the visit. This is to give us a better understanding regarding the needs of customers and assist us to improve the products and services.

Sometimes we may require some additional information with regard to demographics, interests, preferences and the experience you have with the products that you have purchased. We may also need contact information so as to give you some more additional information and keep you updated in what is the latest. However, you are not obligated to provide such information and you can give it willingly. You can also decline to give such information during registration.

Your email address will be recorded if you communicate via this method but this only happens when the address is volunteered by a customer, like through site registration or survey. will not share email addresses with organisations that intend to use them commercially without an advance opt-in on your part or permission consent.

If you give personally identifying information and then you wish to discontinue receiving any additional information or to receive updates about the services and products that we offer, please, tell us through email and include your mailing address, phone number and name. There are also removal instructions that you may opt to follow or update the account preferences.

SECURITY will at all times try their best to protect the provided information. Information access is well restricted within our offices. The only people who can access the personally identifying information are the ones who need such information so as to perform different jobs.  The servers that carry the information are also within a very secure environment.

Information collection by Sponsors and Third Party Sites

There are some sites which may have links belonging to other sites whose practices may not be the same as ours. In such a case, the visitors need to consult the specific privacy notices of such sites, this is because we do not control the information that is submitted or even collected by the third parties.