How do I go about placing an order?

Ordering is the easy part. Browse the different beauty products, accessories, afro (African) hair extensions/weaves/wigs/etc. as offered online. When you have found what you were looking for, use the online shopping cart and by clicking CHECKOUT, you can follow prompts and the order is done. You can also call service representatives, or email the request.

It is good to know that online transfers are safe, more efficient and faster and will ensure that the items, the booking address and delivery address are all correct.

What do I expect after the order is placed?

After the order is placed, an order confirmation is then emailed to you. This email is important as it has information such as the order number that can be very important. If this email doesn’t surface in your inbox, be sure to check spam and if it isn’t anywhere, email us so as to resend.

Usually, the order is dispatched in seven working days after it is placed. If the order cannot be dispatched for any reason, you will be contacted for re-scheduling.

Do need an email account prior to purchasing online?

Yes, it is very important as this will facilitate communication between us and also it will help with order processing.

How can I place an order for custom afro (African) hair extensions/weaves/wigs/etc.?

If this is what you want, please send a description and the size of the requirements through our email. You can include illustrations, sketches and pictures.