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Hairple is a dynamic supplier of quality hair and accessories that is recognised for it’s innovation in the marketing of best in quality products.  Our offices in Randburg, Gauteng – South Africa, is led by a dedicated team of hair enthusiasts who are crazy about hair.  Our members carriers diverse expertise both in hair care and cosmetics fields.  It’s therefore not surprising that Hairple prides itself with the contribution it has made over the years in retaining the highest standards in the beauty and cosmetics arena.  Our exposure in many facets of the beauty and cosmetics field has attracted a general reputation for our integration of both the sales and support services.

Brazilian Hair Care Expertise

Hairple has a great collective pool of experience in beauty and cosmetics.  When it comes to bringing you the best quality of human hair and hair care we understand that it is important for our clients to have a peace of mind with whomever they buy their hair products from.  To us your beauty is the heart that keeps us dedicated in what we do.  When we can serve our clients with the best there is, and see them marvel at the transformation of their looks, then our job is done.

Whether you are a new visitor or a returning customer, our primary goal is to impress you with the best natural human hair and hair care products you will ever find. Be it Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or hair care products, Hairple is here to bring to you in the best quality available.  As one of the top suppliers of the best quality virgin human, Hairple is committed to giving our customers the finest hair extensions in the industry.  We are proud of our products and we know that you will also love our 100% Brazilian virgin hair.  We also go out of our way to provide you with the best hair care advise and products.

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[ozy_vc_testimonials forecolor=”#ffffff”][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Gugu” image=”1484″ testimonial_content=”“I will most definitely rave about you guys to my friends…I just luv it!!!”][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Cindy” image=”1483″ testimonial_content=”“…for the second time around, I’m really impressed – THANK YOU GUYS“”][ozy_vc_testimonial title=”Zuki” image=”1485″ testimonial_content=”“…the big problem now..everyone wants to touch my hair. lol!!!”][/ozy_vc_testimonials]