Do’s and Don’ts of Brazilian Hair

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Do’s and Don’ts of Brazilian Hair

As with any other hair regimen, Brazilian hair have their own dos and don’ts that you should follow to maintain them at their best. Below are some tips on what you should and should not do to your Brazilian weave. Some of these tips also apply to natural hair.


  • Treat your Brazilian hair well

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Just because Brazilian weave is somewhat fake, doesn’t mean they should look as such. Unless you are going to a costume party, try and avoid Brazilian weave in bold rainbow colors. Where possible, try the hair on before you buy them. Think about how well they complement your skin tone and lifestyle. Don’t just assume that the wig on the window display mannequin will look just as fabulous on you.

  • Express yourself

Healthy skin, skin care products, natural skin products, beautiful skin, skin health,Buy Brazilian Hair, Peruvian hair, Human hair, Weave & wig online - HAIRPLEGo for Brazilian hair that will reveal your personality to the world. Choose Brazilian hair that reflect you or your lifestyle. And once you find the right Brazilian weave, be sure to style them in a unique way. It may not be fun bumping into someone wearing the exact same hair in the exact same style as you.


  • Neglect your natural hair

Even as you enjoy putting on your Brazilian curly hair, do not forget that your natural hair is underneath. When you wear, apply and remove the extension, do not be rough with your hair. To respect the Brazilian weave but disrespect your natural hair will cause the latter to break off.

  • Pretend it’s real

There’s no shame in wearing virgin human hair extensions. Even the ancient Egyptians wore extensions on their hair. The problem only comes in when you pretend that the amazing creation on your head is as a result of good genes. Be honest both with yourself and with everyone else. If someone asks, be upfront, and if they like it, tell them where they can buy them.

  • Keep the weave on too long

With time, all the washing, drying and styling will take its toll on your Brazilian curly hair. A shadow of their former selves, the weave will take on a worn out appearance. This is when you have to throw them out and avoid embarrassing yourself. While in between weaves, you may wear your natural Afro and look great too.

  • Neglect your Brazilian hair 

For the first month, avoid washing or brushing upside down. This is because the attachments are still new and it could be torn out. Do not rub Brazilian weave to towel dry them, but instead squeeze out the excess water. Avoid using a flat or curling iron at the bond points, and instead begin just below the bond point. Always aim to protect your natural hair, while fully enjoying your investment by getting your money’s worth. Follow these tips and you should be able to maintain your Brazilian hair looking fantastic for longer.